The New England UFO Research Organization Sighting Questionnaire

Fields with a * before them are REQUIRED.

Place of Sighting

* State:
* City/Town:


Time of Sighting

* Time:     * a.m.   p.m.
* Duration:     * seconds   minutes   hours


Date of Sighting

Day of the Week:
* Date:
* Month:
* Year:



Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:


Other Information

(This information is for New England UFO Research Organization's files ONLY and will not be publicly available;
any reference to this case will be by case number only, not name)

Fields with a * before them are REQUIRED.

* Witness' Name:
* Street Address:
* Town/City:
* State/Province:
* Telephone Number:
* E-Mail Address:
Employed By:
Special Training:
Color Blind? Yes No
Eyeglasses?: Yes No
Hearing: Good? Fair? Poor? Use Hearing Aid?



Before Sighting?:
During Sighting?:
After Sighting?:

Draw a simple sketch of the object (Label any lights, colors, protrusions)

On a separate piece of paper, please sketch a simple map of the area showing your position and the object's position. Include an arrow denoting the direction of North. Indicate direction that the object was moving.

Hold onto both these papers for if you are interviewed by an assigned
New England UFO Research Organization investigator.

Personal Account

Please describe the incident as it happened, from beginning to end. Be sure that your narrative covers, though is not limited to, the following key areas and try to be as detailed as possible. You may add anything else you feel you would like to include to make your report as complete as you feel you can:

  1. Where were you and what were you doing at the time?
  2. What made you first notice the object?
  3. What did you think the object was when you first noticed it?
  4. Describe your reactions and actions, during and after sighting the object.
  5. Describe the object and its actions.
  6. How did you lose sight of the object?

Environmental Situation (Check/Fill in as Applicable)

Viewed From: Outdoors Indoors
Aircraft Boat Car


Viewed Through: Glasses Window Screen
Binoculars Telescope
Still Camera Movie Camera
Theodolite Radar


Area/Location: City Suburban Rural
Industrial Commercial Residential


Area/Terrain: Fields Woods Hills
Mountains River Pond Lake


Area/Technical: Powerlines Power Station
Railroad Tracks Airport


Sky Condition: Clear Partly Cloudy
Overcast Foggy

Heavy Medium Light


Precipitation: None Rain Fog
Sleet Snow

Heavy Medium Light


UFO Direction: First Seen in the
Last Seen in the

It Moved from to


UFO Elevation: First Seen    1/4 1/2 3/4   of the way up from the horizon


Last Seen    1/4 1/2 3/4   of the way up from the horizon



UFO Distance: When Closest to me      feet     meters

UFO Altitude when closest to the ground
                                                       feet     meters


UFO Passed: In Front of , which was in distance from the witness.

Behind , which was in distance from the witness.


Also in the Area: Airplane Helicopter Balloon


Before witness sighted UFO
During UFO sighting
After UFO sighting

Object Description (Check/Fill in as applicable)

Observed: An Object

Number of

Shape of


A Light

Number of

Shape of



Describe: Sound




Real Size: Larger Smaller Same Size
      as the object listed below:

Compact Car Standard Car
Basketball House


Apparent Size: How many times   Larger Smaller
if put in the sky beside object below?

Times the size of a star
Times the size of a full moon


Bright as: A Star The Moon

Or a light if placed at the same distance away.


Did the Object(s) or Light(s):

(Please elaborate on items checked below in space at bottom.)

Change Direction? Hover? Affect Radio/TV?
Turn Abruptly? Descend? Affect Electricity?
Fall like a leaf? Ascend? Affect Magnetism?
Absorb objects? Over Powerlines? Affect Timepiece?
Eject objects? Over a building? Affect Engine?
Change Shape? Land on ground? Affect vehicle?
Cast Shadow? Land in water? Affect animal?
Cast Light? Carry occupants? Affect human?
Reflect Light? Communicate? Affect water?
Leave a trail? Give off heat? Affect ground?
Disintegrate? Leave Residue? Affect Vegetation?
Flutter? Spin? Blink?
Pulsate? Appear Solid? Have fuzzy edges?
Have outline? Wobble? Appear Transparent?
Glow? Vibrate?

How many other witnesses?

Did any other Agency Contact You? Yes No

Please provide the Names/Addresses/Phone Numbers of other witnesses and/or investigators or agencies if applicable and known.

You may may not      use my name

I Hereby Declare the Information provided in this report is True and Accurate to the best of my knowledge.

SIGNATURE OF WITNESS (if hard copy):



(Type in name and check box)

Yes to the above Declaration

Date this form completed (Day - Month - Year)

(To be filled out by assigned New England UFO Research Organization Investigator)

NAME OF INVESTIGATOR: __________________________________________________

STREET ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________

TOWN/CITY: ___________________________ STATE: _________ ZIP CODE: _________

COUNTRY:__________________________ CASE NUMBER: _______________________