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February 23, 2009

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Courtesy of Joseph Nyman,
New England UFO Research Organization Chief Investigator

In November, 1988, UFO investigator Jules V. referred a woman who had a close UFO sighting in September, 1983, to Martha M. and myself. She had attempted to report her sighting shortly after it happened and, after a meandering cross-country trip, her report finally came to rest with Jules. He contacted the woman by phone for details and sent her the appropriate forms to fill out. Jules never received a reply, assumed interest had waned, and eventually forgot about the case.

However, in November 1988, she again contacted Jules by mail after reading "Communion". She had had experiences with strange lights and wanted to explore some unusual memories.

Martha and I met Marie and her husband, Mike, for the first time on January 30, 1989. About an hour and a half hours into our meeting, I asked Marie why she had never returned the forms that Jules had sent her. She and her husband both stated that they had returned the forms to Jules. Not only that, but Jules had visited them with the completed forms to review her report. Martha was on the phone to Jules in a flash, and, once again, Jules averred that he had never received the forms.

Marie and her husband added the following details: A man calling himself Jules V. had phoned to make an appointment to investigate her sighting of September, 1983. The appointment was set for a Sunday in May, 1984. Mike remembered the man as arriving in a dull gray Mercedes with a gray interior. He rushed quickly past Mike at the door and went to the living room to sit directly across from Marie.

Mike remembered the man as medium complexioned, brownish hair, about 45 years old, slim, well-dressed, wearing old fashioned wing-tip brown shoes. His height was about 5'8" or 5'9". He wore a brown suit jacket and tie. His features were "pointed," referring to his chin and nose. He had a mustache and his hair was graying. He seemed "official," and Mike remembered him saying he came from Ashburnham, which is where Jules lives.

Jules is really about 5'4", stocky, hardly ever wears a tie, doesn't have a mustache, and doesn't drive a Mercedes. When Marie finally met him, her first comment was, "Gee, you're not tall!"

Several months went by as we worked on more immediate issues in Marie's case, but we eventually reached a time when Martha was able to regress Mike and Marie independently about the visit without either hearing what the other was saying. Each relived the tidying up of the house prior to "Jules" arriving, his arrival, his twenty minute revue of Marie's completed the forms which he brought with him (Marie remembered seeing the envelope addressed to Jules), his disinclination to visit the sighting site only one quarter of a mile away, and his abrupt departure. But each relived a personal detail that suggested how unusual this individual was.

Mike relived asking "Jules" whether he would like a drink upon which he heard in his mind something like, "this is none of your business, keep out of it!" Mike then left the living room for the kitchen.

Marie relived feeling dizzy and seeing a white hand moving toward her from the direction of "Jules" in the living room chair.

After the regression, each was shown a group picture of the team that had investigated Betty Andreasson's case. The picture included the real Jules and a number of others (the names adjacent to the picture were covered by two layers of paper.) Marie selected Ray F. as the investigator who had visited, while Mike selected Dave W. as the man who had come as Jules.

The final and most startling insight into this situation came as Martha regressed Mike on June 4, 1990, to relive a recurring nightmare of a figure in a hood and robe. Mike reached a point in the imagery where the hooded figure had lifted his arm to point to something that Mike feared the most as a child - dinosaurs. As the figure raised its arm to point, it slowly turned its hooded face toward Mike. Mike seemed to suddenly jump six inches off the couch causing confusion and fright among those at the session. "It's him!," his voice full of emotion, "He's the one who came to our house! I saw him in our living room! I wish I knew some cops, I'd have them find that gray Mercedes!"

If we look at this story without considering any of the aspects that have come out of the regressions, we are forced to conclude that some one or some group that has the power to intercept mail and tap phones has been monitoring either Jules or Marie or both. The only authority that has both these powers, we assume, is an authority associated with the U.S. government.

But, why only in this case? Jules V. has been an investigator for decades without any similar happenings. If Marie is the focus of government attention, why was she not prevented from revealing these details and participating in our later investigation? Has the agency that has supposedly been monitoring her grown lethargic and uncaring?

Can we perhaps come up with another, more conventional, explanation? I left that up to a skeptical co-worker who created the following scenario.

The letter to Jules containing the forms was mistakenly delivered to a neighbor of Jules. The neighbor opened Jule's mail, noted the contents, and decided to play a practical joke. He phoned Marie, pretending he was Jules, then visited Marie and conducted the superficial investigation. And while he was at it, he hypnotized both Marie and her husband into believing he was an alien.

On the other hand, no one who was present when Mike associated the phony Jules with the hooded image from a seeming "nightmare" at age 10, can deny Mike's intense shock of realization and deeply felt accompanying emotion. This was THE answer for him.

The case remains unresolved and enigmatic.

NOTE: Most UFO Investigators carry an identification card identifying themselves as members of the UFO agency they work for. If ever involved in an Investigation, please ask to see this identification card and be sure you're dealing with a proper representative of the UFO organization you contacted.


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